About Topanga

Topanga is a four-way band from Bruges/Ghent, founded in 2012. Unexpected arrhythmics, schizophrenic counterparts and melodic hysterias give their music a contradictory contagiousness in which a reincarnated punk monster throws up itself. While the vocals scream deafeningly, the lead singer engages in a hugging contest with himself. With their hypnotic krautrock elements, heavy rhythmic explosions and gleaming grooves, they bring you danceable synth-punk-rock.

They have previously worked with Joris Verniest (Madensuyu, Sixth Metal) and Pascal Deweze (Metal Molly, Broken Glass Heroes, Gruppo Di Pawlowski) and performed in both squatting houses and concert halls, including Cactus Club, Charlatan, 4AD, Magasin 4, Trix Club.

"Oddball toytown keyboard refrains, flatulent bass and boppy riddims before a riot 'grrrl shouty chick' steps up - the keys get atonal and weirder and all in all it's great stuff – melt Banana meets Ut meets Huggy Bear – the keys really lift things coming in like cut price can via Craig Scanlon's work on The Man Whose Head Expanded... like this very much."

by Bugbear booking R&R, (radio review, concert in The Hope And Anchor, London)

Listen to their latest EP release.

"…Spanning, onvoorspelbaarheid, opzwepend dansbaar"

by Brothers In Raw, 2018


Topanga New EP 2017


Upcoming shows

11-05-2019 8PM: Daverlo, Bruges, (w/ Atomic Vulture) - Unplugged

Canceled / New Date TBA: Comma, Bruges, (w/ Pink Room & Crowd Of Chairs)

Past shows

10-11-2018: De Kleine Kunst, Ghent event

24-10-2018: Snuffel concertzaal, Bruges, (w/ Onmens) event

13-10-2018: Nachtwacht, Tielt

22-09-2018: Totum - Bar Bricolage, Ghent event

05-06-2018: Magasin 4, Brussels, (w/ King Fu and Big Ups) event

02-06-2018: De Kleine Hedonist (Hotsjumenas), Antwerp, (w/ Häxxan - ISR/GER) event

25-05-2018: Villa Bota, Park 8, Bruges, (w/Budget Trash) event

21-04-2018: Record Store Day, Ghent, Walpoortstraat 28 event

24-02-2018: Stroomhuis, Eindhoven NL, (w/ Beroerte and Stinksisters) event

10-02-2018: Cactus Club, Bruges (Humo's Rock Rally) event

03-02-2018: 4AD, Diksmuide, (w/ David Nance) event

06-01-2018: La Zone, Liège, (W/ Tache & Mangouste) event

03-12-2017: In De Ruimte, Ghent event

25-05-2017: Trefpunt, Ghent event